ROCKY ONE - Free Hands - Rocky
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Rocky One “Freehands” variant is equipped with our “twisting control” patented
system. It is designed to make your work easier and more efficient.

ROCKY’s twisting control movement system

The progress system allows you to check the movement and the direction of the vehicle through simple body movements leaving the operator’s hands free.
The torsion activates the motor and directs the lateral movement, while the steering is controlled by the swing of the bust.


The Rocky series of innovative vehicles is designed to make your work easier and more efficient. We are focused on new needs and offer various options to adapt our products to the specifics of each task.
Our team and our distributors are available to find the best solution with you.

Speed regulator

Storage rack

Large (cm 34x25x9)

Small (cm28x20x7)

Tow hook

USB battery charger

Battery recharge base

Removable battery compartment

Seat up kit

+3 cm

+6 cm

Customizable two-color coloring

– Sand and black

– Military green and black

– Two custom colours

– Colour sublimation

Contact us! our team is at your disposal.