ROCKY ONE - Mountains - Rocky
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Rocky One “Mountain” is equipped with a joystick system of acceleration control.

This version is suitable for particularly steep fields. It offers greater control through the use of the joystick and guarantees excellent stability even in presence of slopes, thanks to the auto temporized electric-brake installed in our Rocky One models.


The Rocky series of innovative vehicles is designed to make your work easier and more efficient. We are focused on new needs and offer various options to adapt our products to the specifics of each task.
Our team and our distributors are available to find the best solution with you.

Speed regulator

Confortable seat

Storage rack

Large (cm 34x25x9)

Small (cm28x20x7)

Tow hook

USB battery charger

Battery recharge base

Removable single batteries

Seat up kit

+3 cm

+6 cm


– Sand and black

–  Military green and black

– Two custom colours

– Colour sublimation

Contact us! our team is at your disposal.