Cookies policy

Our procedure regarding cookies


Cookies consist of portions of code installed within the browser that assist the Data Controller in providing the service according to the purposes described. Some of the purposes behind installing cookies may also require the user’s consent.

Cookies are utilised on this website and in emails to offer users a better service and experience. This document describes the categories of cookies utilised by this website, their purpose and how a user can change their preferences.


Which Cookies Are Utilised?

The cookies used allow us to recognise users upon return visits to the website along with their data, so as to avoid having to enter the same details over and over. In addition, they allow us to analyse the traffic patterns of users visiting our website in order to improve usability. Following is a list of some of the types of cookies used on


Technical Cookies

Technical cookies may be employed to allow users to avail of the services requested through the website. Without such cookies, it would not be possible to provide the services requested. For example, technical cookies can be used to:

Allow users to access secure areas of our website without having to login repeatedly;

Remember any actions undertaken by the user (for example, completing a form) when returning to the previous page of a session.


Analytical Cookies

Analytical cookies may be utilised to obtain information regarding the use of the website, advertisements and emails and to alert us of any errors. In addition, these cookies allow detailed technical information to be obtained, such as the last page visited, the number of pages viewed, if an email has been opened, which parts of the website or emails are clicked on by users and the time elapsed between clicks. Such information may be associated with user details such as IP address, domain or browser. Yet the details are analysed along with other people’s information so as not to identify a certain user over another.

For example, such cookies could be used on to:

Analyse and improve the performance and design of our website, advertisements and emails;

Quantify the response to our advertisements and improve their effectiveness;

Calculate errors occurring on our website to improve the service and handle any complaints.


Third-party Tracking Cookies

Third-party tracking cookies may be sent from our partners’ websites to a user’s device. Such cookies are used to determine when partners redirect a user to our website and whether this user purchases a product or service. Information may be shared with our partners anonymously, so as not to identify one particular user over another. In addition, this information is provided to partners to help them improve the effectiveness of their sites, in accordance with our contractual obligations.


Functionality Cookies

These cookies are not fundamental but they do permit the utilisation of several useful features on For example, they could be used to:

Remember the preferences selected by the user during previous visits, such as country/language, interests and website presentation (layout, font size, colours and the like) so that the user will not have to re-enter such details;

Recall the answers to questions asked by our website, regarding – for example – participating in customer satisfaction surveys, so that they are not resubmitted to the user;

Determine whether a service has already been proposed to a user, such as the offering of real-time online support;

Provide information that allows optional services to function, such as watching a video online or posting a comment on a blog.


Targeting or Promotional Cookies

These cookies can be used on our website to publish advertisements tailored to the user’s interests. Targeting or promotional cookies allow detailed information to be obtained regarding the user’s browsing of our website (for example, the products or services most viewed by a given person). In addition, they allow us to recognise a user returning to visit our website and/or a site that forms part of the network of one of our promotional partners.


Third-party Cookies

When a user utilises our website, some unmonitored cookies may be stored. This happens, for example, upon visiting a page that contains content from a third-party website. As a result, the user will receive cookies from these third-party services. The cookies do not contain personal information unless a user has logged into their account. For example, third-party cookies may originate from:

Google Analytics

Google Tag Manager

Google Ads

Facebook Connect

Facebook Ads



Rocky-agri S.r.l. does not control the retention of or access to these cookies. For more information on the use of cookies by third parties, please refer to the Privacy and Cookies Policies of the services in question.


Changing the Cookie Settings

Most browsers allow cookies to be deleted from the hard drive, the acceptance of cookies to be blocked or a warning to be received before a cookie is stored.


What Happens if a User Disables Cookies?

If a user blocks or deletes a cookie, it may be impossible to reset the preferences or custom settings previously defined and our ability to customise the user experience shall be limited.